Change New York’s Bail Reform Law, Not Gun Policies, Republicans Stress

By RUSSELL PAYNE, Staff Reporter of the Sun
February 4, 2022

Republicans are reacting with skepticism — and sometimes scorn — to suggestions that President Biden’s initiative on gun-control will prove effective against crime. During a visit to New York City Thursday, the president vowed to “destroy” the…

Once Seen as a Victim of Redistricting, Hochul Now May Turn Tables

By RUSSELL PAYNE, Staff Reporter of the Sun
February 3, 2022

Governor Hochul will likely sign off on a state redistricting map that will put in jeopardy the re-election prospects of four Republican members of New York’s House delegation — echoing a situation the Democratic lawmaker faced a decade ago. At the…

Police Funerals Mark a Make-or-Break Moment for Our City and Country

By LAWRENCE KUDLOW, Special to the Sun
February 2, 2022

The funeral of detective Wilbert Mora is marked another incredibly sad and tragic farewell to a cop killed in the line of duty. Detective Mora was a partner of Detective Jason Rivera, whose funeral was held last Friday. The funeral was held in a…

Democrats Add New York as a Feather in Redistricting Cap

Republicans look to be losing the national redistricting process following the 2020 Census.

By RUSSELL PAYNE, Special to the Sun
February 1, 2022

New York will likely see its Republican congressional delegation cut in half after the 2022 election cycle, part of what looks to be an unlikely win for Democrats in the national redistricting process. New York State’s Democrats yesterday put forth a…

Another Mayor, Another Promise To Fix Public Housing in New York City

By RUSSELL PAYNE, Special to the Sun
January 31, 2022

The new leadership of New York City’s “affordable” housing infrastructure must contend with entrenched bureaucracy at two agencies long seen as neglectful and underfunded as Mayor Adams’s administration seeks to fix a public housing sector suffering…

Slain Cop’s Widow Singles Out Manhattan District Attorney for Criticism

January 28, 2022

Manhattan’s new district attorney, Alvin Bragg, came under fire at the funeral of Jason Rivera, the slain New York City police officer. Mr. Bragg, who has outlined plans to go easy on what he deems to be low-level offenders, was singled out for…

Second New York City Officer Dies Days After Shooting in Harlem

January 25, 2022

(Reuters) — A second police officer who was shot Friday in New York City while responding to a domestic violence call has died, the city’s police commissioner said on Tuesday. Keechant Sewell, the New York City police commissioner, called officer…

Sheldon Silver, Longtime Assembly Speaker, Dies at 77

January 24, 2022

(Reuters) - Sheldon Silver, the once-powerful New York State Assembly speaker who was convicted on corruption charges that resulted in a prison sentence of six and a half years, has died aged 77. Silver died at a federal prison medical facility while…

Hochul Seen Tacking to the Right With Budget Plan Tax Relief

By RUSSELL PAYNE, Special to the Sun
January 18, 2022

Emphasizing economic recovery, a balanced budget, and tax cuts, Governor Hochul today unveiled a $216 billion budget plan that continues a notable turn for the New York Democrat, who has been distancing herself from the progressive wing of her party…

Democrats’ Infighting Over Crime Policy Could Harm Them at Ballot Box 

By RUSSELL PAYNE, Special to the Sun
January 17, 2022

The new Manhattan district attorney’s soft-on-crime policies are showing signs of becoming a major liability for Democrats posturing as the party of public safety ahead of the 2022 elections, amid growing opposition and a police union’s call for…

Extreme Tax Rate Threatens Revenue Stream From New York’s ‘Republic of Vice’

By RUSSELL PAYNE, Special to the Sun
January 13, 2022

New York State’s highly touted legalization of sports betting is being called “dead on arrival” after a disappointing first weekend. Considering that New York is an estimated $1 billion market, the appraisal by Regulus Partners, a sports and leisure…

Republicans Sue To Stop Non-Citizens From Voting in New York City 

By RUSSELL PAYNE, Special to the Sun
January 10, 2022

In a case that could have a huge impact on municipal elections for years to come, New York City today was sued by the state and national Republican parties over its new law allowing non-citizens to participate in municipal elections. The suit, filed…

Hochul, Adams Stand Together, and Apart From the Far Left 

By RUSSELL PAYNE, Special to the Sun
January 8, 2022

The joint push by Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams to put more police officers in place on New York City’s subway system signals an entente between the two Democrats against the far-left wing of their party on the issue of criminal justice — a faction…

Hochul Moves To Keep Cuomo Out of Office

By RUSSELL PAYNE, Special to the Sun
January 7, 2022

Governor Hochul, in a startling development, appears to be trying not only to distance herself from Governor Cuomo but also to disqualify him from attempting a political comeback. Ms. Hochul’s strategy is coming into view with a set of policy…

New York City Gets Mixed Messaging on Crime Fighting

By RUSSELL PAYNE, Special to the Sun
January 5, 2022

Mayor Adams faces a potential roadblock in his quest to clean up the streets: the new Manhattan district attorney, Alvin Bragg. Mr. Bragg just instructed his staff that he won’t be prosecuting a number of minor offenses and will be downgrading some…

Governor Cuomo Free and Clear To Run Again

By RUSSELL PAYNE, Special to the Sun
January 5, 2022

Governor Cuomo, with the nursing home and sexual harassment scandals behind him for now, could be poised to launch a campaign to retake office in New York. Early polling suggests that his candidacy might present a real challenge to Governor Hochul’s…

What Was Cy Vance Doing While Murders Were Soaring on His Watch?

By IRA STOLL, Special to the Sun
December 14, 2021

Manhattan counted 88 murders so far this year, up from 80 in 2020, according to the New York Police Department. That, in turn, is an increase over the 52 homicides in Manhattan in 2019, which in turn was an increase over the 31 in 2018, according to…

Could Tax Code Be Used to Make U.S. Reparations?

Don’t Be Surprised, Our Columnist Writes

By IRA STOLL, Special to the Sun
April 5, 2021

Could a racial priority for getting a Covid-19 vaccine turn out to be just the first stop on the way to race-based tax rates? A tax bill that varies depending on the taxpayer’s race might strike readers as some law professor’s remote fantasy, far from…